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How often should you redesign your kitchen?

A kitchen redesign and renovation can be motivated by almost anything. From wanting a floor plan that makes your life easier to increasing storage or preparation space. Are you ready to find out if it’s time to start your renovation? Read on to discover more! Wear and Tear  The kitchen is one of the [...]


Easy lemon pound cake

Pound cake is always a winner and can be adapted in so many different ways! Add funfetti for the kids or a shot of lemoncello for the adults. Add a glaze and top with lemon zest. Give it a go! INGREDIENTS ½ cup butter, melted 1 cup sugar 2 eggs, well beaten 1 tablespoon [...]


4 reasons to love kitchen islands

Various kitchen trends come and go, but one trend that shows no sign of fading and continues to stand the test of time is the kitchen island. The designs may vary according to kitchen styles, but the island remains a timeless and versatile element. Even the smallest kitchen can benefit from having an island. [...]


The perfect houseplants for your kitchen

If there’s one room in your home that deserves some house plants, it’s your kitchen! Whether you opt for cactus gardens, hanging plants, or large water-friendly plants, surrounding yourself with the perfect kitchen plants will not only brighten the space, but can double as décor! Aloe Vera Aloe enjoys bright light and definitely needs to [...]


How to choose the right kitchen countertop

Very few things can make or break a kitchen design as much as the countertop material you choose. Choosing the correct countertop is vital and very important – so many aspects go into ensuring the material you choose will stand the test of time. Besides the various materials, there are some important factors to consider. [...]


A living room mini-makeover in a weekend

Give your living room a mini-makeover at a weekend, with four simple projects. Your living room doesn’t need a coat of paint or a major rehaul if you’re just looking to give it some personality. You can do some small DIY projects to give your living room something different! Flooring and Rugs Laminate flooring [...]


Creative ways to ensure clutter-free countertops

Everything in the kitchen tends to run a lot more smoothly when your countertops are decluttered. You don’t need to pack all your gadgets and bowls away to have decluttered countertops though, we have some creative ways in which you can have a clutter-free surface without just heading for the cabinetry! Use your corners [...]


Easy Turkish Delight

It’s time to put your beautiful new kitchen by Easylife Kitchens to the test! Turkish Delight is definitely a treat and something that should only be made from a special kitchen. But testing just how functional your new kitchen is with a recipe is definitely the perfect special occasion! Ingredients: - Oil - 500g [...]


Easily refresh your bathroom over a weekend

You’ve just had your vanity redesigned by Easylife Kitchens, and now it’s time for the rest of your kitchen to follow. It’s not as daunting as it seems. You can easily give your bathroom a refresh over a weekend! We’re not talking about ripping out the shower or replacing your bath, but small changes [...]