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Easily refresh your bathroom over a weekend

You’ve just had your vanity redesigned by Easylife Kitchens, and now it’s time for the rest of your kitchen to follow. It’s not as daunting as it seems. You can easily give your bathroom a refresh over a weekend! We’re not talking about ripping out the shower or replacing your bath, but small changes [...]


Important things to know about kitchen redesigning & renovating

Whether you’re interested in making your existing kitchen more functional or simply need a full refresh, embarking on a kitchen redesign can be an exciting yet daunting process.Despite the walls that might need to be knocked down and flooring that might need to be ripped out, there’s something so satisfying in watching how your outdated [...]


Instantly refresh your bedroom on a budget

If your bedroom’s style is enough to put you to sleep, then it’s time to give it a refresh! We’ve rounded up some easy and affordable ways to give your bedroom style, personality, and comfort. Colour When the majority of your bedroom showcases neutral colours, it’s easy to add pops of colour. Pick one of [...]


Our guide to choosing the right flooring

What’s under your feet can easily make or break how your living space feels. Choosing the right flooring for your home is a major decision. The right floor type will affect the aesthetics and every room in your home! We’re here to help you make the best floor decision for your renovation, and ensure you [...]


Timeless VS Trendy Design

Whether you’re building your new kitchen from the ground up or giving your current kitchen a refresh, we understand how hard it can be to decide between trendy and timeless designs or finishes. The last thing you want is to hate the decision two years down the line. By the end of this post, you’ll [...]



Our homes have become so much more than just a place we go to after work. It’s become workspaces, classrooms, gyms, and so much more. But when there’s so much activity taking place under one roof, it’s time to look into functionality. While some have returned to work, many are still staying home, working from [...]


At Home Date Ideas

This year, Valentine’s Day won’t be what it always was. But just because you aren’t going out, doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate at home! We’re bringing you exciting and romantic date ideas that you can do all year round! Cook Together Dust off the recipes books, open all those Pinterest pins, and cook a [...]


4 Kitchen Items You Really Don’t Need

Discovering new kitchen tools and appliances like slow cookers and instant cookers can be fun at first, but when you end up purchasing too many, it becomes dormant in your kitchen. We’re taking a look at what is just not necessary in your kitchen and how you can keep it de-cluttered and neat. Cups & [...]


2021 Design Trends

From clever storage solutions to the latest kitchen colours, these design aspects are on-trend and achievable too. With innovative design, ideas, and twists, there are so many on-trend looks that are coming in 2021, that we can’t wait to start designing new kitchens! Marble-like Quartz It’s time for strongly veined surfaces to make its move! [...]