Celebrating superior quality service

What does every business want? The answer is fairly obvious: to be successful in selling its product or delivering its service. Easylife Kitchens is no exception – we want the brand to become the leading kitchen retail brand in Africa, known for its superior quality, service and value for money.

To do this, we not only need to know how we want to portray ourselves as a company, but also how our public image is accepted by our current and potential Clients. The key to knowing, is to take a close look at our Client base and try to understand what it is that motivates them. Once we have gained that understanding, we will be able to decide how we should be selling our products and services in a way that will appeal to our Client base.

Easylife Kitchens was incorporated in 1992 as a manufacturer of ready-to-assemble kitchen cabinets and modular built-in cupboards of quality. Our early success has prompted us to diversify into kitchen installations, and we began to appoint design consultants who could create kitchen designs that were perfect for their clients. So successful was this approach, that within the brief span of just over a decade we became the leading kitchen suppliers in Africa.

“…the leading kitchen retail brand in Africa, known for its superior quality, service and value for money.”

Easylife Kitchens’ core Client is the design, quality and price conscious homeowner who builds a new home or remodels an existing one.Small and medium scale townhouse developments are also undertaken, while export projects represent an increasing part of our turnover-many Easylife Kitchens have found their way into homes and estates in over 20 African and European countries.

The company has a 3,800m factory in Randburg (Gauteng) that uses modern and constantly upgraded technology. Due to increased demand, Easylife Kitchens’ second factory (2,600m2) was opened in Bellville South, Cape Town on 1 July 2004. This modern facility has increased Easylife’s manufacturing capacity by 50% and allows the development of a broad network of showrooms in the Western and Eastern Cape.

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