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Creative ways to ensure clutter-free countertops

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Creative ways to ensure clutter-free countertops

Everything in the kitchen tends to run a lot more smoothly when your countertops are decluttered. You don’t need to pack all your gadgets and bowls away to have decluttered countertops though, we have some creative ways in which you can have a clutter-free surface without just heading for the cabinetry!

Use your corners
Take advantage of your corners and opt to add open or floating shelves there. These shelves can store recipe books, canisters, or serving pieces, but keeping your countertops clutter-free.

Baskets and Canvas Bins
Baskets and canvas bins can look incredibly attractive in your kitchen, and double as a place to store small and awkward items.

Power Up
Turn your regular drawers into charging stations and have a spot where your charging cell phones, tablets, and anything else is out of sight.

Under-sink Space
Take advantage of the space under your sink and use it for cleaning chemicals, black bags, and anything else you wouldn’t want near your other homeware items.

Vintage Racks
Store everyday items like mugs and tea towels hanging from a vintage rack. You could even mount hooks to an unused wall and utilise that.

Storage Garages
Chat to your designer about adding storage garages to your kitchen design for small homeware appliances like coffee makers, blenders, and kettles. This allows you to hide these appliances while keeping them within reach.

Spice It Up
Our smart storage solutions boast a range of drawer systems like spice racks to ensure you never have to leave them on your countertops. All your spice will be easily found and reached, but out of your way when not in use.

Tool Holders
Freestanding tool holders come in so many different shapes and forms. You can get one that matches the colour accents in your kitchen and use it to store your cooking items.

Clutter can easily take over your kitchen counters, but when you have creative ways of storing various items, you’ll find that your counters will remain decluttered for years to come. Speak to our designers about starting your design journey: