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At Home Date Ideas

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At Home Date Ideas

This year, Valentine’s Day won’t be what it always was. But just because you aren’t going out, doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate at home! We’re bringing you exciting and romantic date ideas that you can do all year round!

Cook Together
Dust off the recipes books, open all those Pinterest pins, and cook a gourmet meal together. You could make it restaurant-quality too, with the added benefit of plating it beautiful. You might just impress yourself!

Have A Picnic
Pack a picnic! Get charcuterie items and spread out a blanket in your living room or backyard, and dig in like you’re out and about! You could even turn your kitchen counter into a massive charcuterie board with breads, cheese, and preserves.

The Great Big Home Bake-Off
Challenge each other to a bake off where you try to wow each other with a delicious baked item! Even if they don’t turn out like you imagined, they’ll make some yummy leftovers for the little ones the next day.

Project A Movie
Turn an empty wall in your home or even outside into a movie theatre. If you end up without a babysitter, the kids can join in as well for their very own at-home theatre.

Spa Day
Have your own couples spa date at home with face masks, foot soaks, and massaging. Put on your robes, slice some cucumbers, and enjoy pampering each other.

Bucket List
When last have you made a bucket list? Or even gone back and had a look at your bucket list? Plan your couples’ one for the next 10 years and see how many you check off. These could be as small as trying out a new restaurant.

College Games
Why not think about those college games you played before and give them a go as well? Even if it’s just results in laughing, then why not!

Passage Bowling
Grab some plastic cups and challenge your partner to bowling! It might seem silly at first, but you’ll soon realise how much fun it can be.

The stars are still as beautiful as ever. Take the blankets out on the grass and enjoy taking in the stars. Depending on your property type, you might end up spending the night under the stars too.

Lights Out
Turn off all the pretend you’re living the evening by candlelight! We might even be used to this by now too!

Gourmet Junk Food
Order your favourite junk food and make it gourmet. Sure it might not be the best Valentine’s meal, but you’ll have fun with your partner.