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4 Kitchen Items You Really Don’t Need

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  • 4 Kitchen Items You Really Don’t Need

Discovering new kitchen tools and appliances like slow cookers and instant cookers can be fun at first, but when you end up purchasing too many, it becomes dormant in your kitchen.
We’re taking a look at what is just not necessary in your kitchen and how you can keep it de-cluttered and neat.

Cups & Mugs
It’s so easy to end up with cupboards full of mugs and cups where it’s only the same few that are used regularly. It could stem from accumulating them over the years, but too many mugs could quickly take up your storage space.

Just with mugs, specialty glassware is the same. From red wine glasses, white wine glasses, flutes to tumblers; if you’re not using those champagne coupes you bought for a party, the chances are they’re just taking up storage space.

Appliances & Gadgets
One thing that can quickly build up and take up space is appliances. Especially ones like a waffle maker or a pasta machine. If it’s an item you know you’ll use once a year, is it worth it?

Non-stick Cookware
We know, you’re probably thinking WHAT! But besides being easy to clean and lightweight, understanding how your non-stick cookware works is vital. Did you know that Teflon coating can emit toxic fumes when heated above 260°C? We’re not saying get rid of all your non-stick pots and pans but proceed with caution.

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