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Cosy Up Your Home for Winter

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Cosy Up Your Home for Winter

Adding winter décor to your home as temperatures start dropping can easily bring some warmth to your home. Use our winter decorating tips for the best ways to get cosy as the colder days start rolling in.

Focus On Fire

If you’re lucky enough to have a fireplace, now is the time to pull pieces toward the centre of the room and face them near the fireplace to create a cosy gathering spot.

Bedding Update

Give your bedroom a bit of a style update with textured bedding, throws and pillows. You can add winter-like décor like a velvet throw or faux fur blankets. Take it a step further and turn your room into a cosy refuge with a shaggy rug as well.


Pops of colour aren’t reserved for summer. Make neutral spaces look less stark and cold by adding bright colours to these areas.

Natural Light

Take advantage of all the natural light you have. Days are shorter and the time we have to use the natural light is less. Turn your mirror into a decorative display, allowing for light to reflect through your space.


Just like winter fashion means dressing up in layers, something as simple as a chair slipcover can add warmth to your home.


White glassware can bring a hint of that snowy winter wonderland into your home, without any snow at all. Use accents of white in your home as well.


Dress up your lounge with some plush cushions made of velvet. Add a throw and you have the perfect winter look.

Do you have your own winter hacks that you use to make your home feel like it’s ready for winter? Let us know about them on our social media channels.