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Maximising your kitchen counters and finding the perfect balance between aesthetics and purpose can come easy with our kitchen counter decor ideas. Those appliances that you use every day like your espresso machine, are usually the ones who get the first spot, but you need some other décor to get the perfect strike between pretty and practical. 

Statement object

If minimal kitchen countertops are more your thing, considering one single item. You can opt for a sculpture that brings in some colour or a plant that you replace every season. 

Sprinkle with colour 

Use colours to bring attention to certain areas of your kitchen, like a fruit bowl, drawer handles, or storage jars. 

Natural Textures

Adding wooden elements to your kitchen can bring in a natural feeling. Using branches in a glass vase, rustic bar stools, or brass light fixtures can bring some nature into your kitchen. 

Patterned accents

Use your splashback to add some pattern to your kitchen. You can then select décor pieces that work with your patterned splashback or add some contrast. 

Kitchen Staples

If you’re pressed on space, dress up your countertops with your kitchen staples. Like your aesthetically pleasing kettle, toaster, or espresso machine. You can keep them the same colour or go for different shades.


In an ideal world, your kitchen countertops should be as clutter-free as possible. However, bringing in some greenery and plants will bring life into your kitchen. You can have plants or a fresh bunch of flowers you replace every week or two. Switch up the vases you use from glass to ceramic to add something different as well. 

Floating shelves

Add some floating shelves to areas of your kitchen where space permits. These can be used to store recipe books, sculptures, or items you only use occasionally. 

Attractive utensils 

Take your everyday utensils and give them an upgrade. Go for a pretty set of wooden spoons or copper utensils and display them in your kitchen. 

Experiment with the space you have and have fun trying different décor items in your kitchen. If one thing doesn’t work, try the complete opposite until you find the perfect balance. 

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