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5 things your home needs this winter

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  • 5 things your home needs this winter

The seasons have changed and every day feels colder than the previous one. Those cold temperatures, wet mornings, and bare trees are the norm. Not only does the colder weather change the way we do things, but also the way we want our spaces to look. Changing your living room, kitchen, and bedroom as the seasons change is a way that we mark time and create a more comfortable space. 

Making changes can be as small as switching the summer throws to thicker winter ones or as big as doing a kitchen renovation (while realistically, this is only every 10 years, one season could be all you need). During winter, we want a space that is warm and cosy without major colour changes or furniture overhauls. These are 5 things that will instantly give your home a warm feeling during the chilly days. 


During the summer months, natural lights come in an abundance. Curtains are open to allow the light to flow in. Without efficient lighting during winter, your home can quickly feel dark and dreary. This is the perfect time to add additional lighting like floor lamps in darker spots of your home, a table lamp, as well as an overhead fixture. You probably won’t be using all of them at the same time, but at least you have options for when you need more light. 


Winter is all about layers! From our wardrobe to our homes. In summer you want an airy feeling, but in winter you want to be cosy. Look out for blankets and throws that are 100% wool or cotton. Use this as an excuse to fill your room with more textiles. 

Accent Pillows

What goes for throws, goes for pillows as well. Bring them in! The more, the merrier. Winter is a great excuse to purchase a few extra pillows. Go for different textures and materials. Add some faux fur or wool pillows, and purchase different sizes as well. Keep them in neutral shades to prevent your couches from looking overcrowded. 


If you have a cowhide in your living room, now is the perfect time to purchase a second rug to layer underneath it for warmth. If your house has hardwood floors, winter is the time to look at adding extra cushioning for under your feet. Add a jute rug to give your living room an organic feel, or a shaggy rug to add an extra dose of cosiness. 


During the winter months, your conventional blinds just won’t cut it. Keep the warm air in and the cold air out and choose curtains that have a lining and are thicker than usual. With the right colours, you can make your room look completely different and bring a bland room to life. 

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