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Kitchen Design Tips

Designing a new kitchen is exciting! From the first consultation with your Easylife Kitchens designer to choosing finishes and seeing the final result. While there is so much that goes into making your dream kitchen a reality, we have some design tips for you to consider while getting the perfect kitchen for your lifestyle.

Think Ahead

Functionality needs to come first. The last thing you want is a beautiful kitchen that doesn’t make your life easier. Whether it’s a galley or a U-shaped, your designer will plan for the sink, fridge, and stovetop to form part of a functional design. 


You don’t always need more storage. Most of the time you need smarter storage solutions where everything you use regularly is in an easy-to-reach place. From putting ceiling-high cabinets to deep drawers for pots in your design, you’ll find you don’t have to reach too far for everything you need.  


Overhead lighting in kitchens is often insufficient. When you’re in the kitchen, you want your lights to fall in front of you and not casting a shadow on your workspace. Ask your designer to opt for under cabinet lights as they shine directly onto your countertops. 


Think about the appliances you require in your new home. Think about gas and electric lines and if you have enough outlets. These are important things to consider before our designers get started with the installation process of your new kitchen. 


Think about what you use your countertops for and go for a surface that best suits your lifestyle. If you’re looking for a countertop that will stand the test of time, consider granite. If you’d like a more affordable option, Formica tops can be considered. 

Start Fresh

If your budget allows it, don’t save your old appliances but take this opportunity to replace your existing appliances. An old appliance can look like an eyesore in a beautiful new designer kitchen. 


If you have little ones or are planning on it, having a family-friendly kitchen is possible. If your kitchen faces your yard, consider a window that overlooks the garden, and consider elements like rounded countertops and slip-resistant flooring. 


Bins are most likely the last thing you even think about when you dream about your new kitchen but making space for built-in bins that are disguised as cabinets.

Our knowledgeable and professional designers are ready to get started on your dream kitchen. Find your nearest showroom: or give our team a call on 0861-3279-5433 / EASYLIFE.