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Naturally Festive!

We often find that year after year we see the same decorations in the stores for the festive season, and sometimes these end up getting out of date. This year we’re going natural festive with décor and decorations that are organic, easy to source, cost-effective, and bring something different to your home. 


Using eucalyptus and penny gum leaves and something gold is a subtle but cheerful way to bring holiday cheer to your home. You might even be lucky enough to have a tree nearby, you can pluck some from. Spray paint them gold for extra sparkle. 


Bright red berries instantly add some colour to almost any setting, especially greenery. You can string together cranberries for the tree or scatter them on your dinner table. If green and red isn’t your thing, go for citrus!


Pinecones are everywhere and always feel festive. There is so much you can do with pinecones. You can spray paint them and string onto some twine for a garland. Or you can gather a few to put at the base of your tree.


You read right – branches! You can use the branches as they are, or add some colour to them and hang your stockings from it. You could even add some festive foliage to make a statement piece. 

Glass Jars

If you’re limited on space and don’t want to go all out on the festive season décor, some fairy lights in glass doors can achieve a strong effect.

Are you going to try being naturally festive this season? Tag us in your images using #ELKfestive.