Make your home feel like summer!

Summer is here! Whether you’re one of those that count down the days to summer or wish the winter came sooner, each season can inspire your home to look and feel a different way. We’ve put together six simple steps that you can use to make your home feel like summer.

Less is more

One way to really bring summer into your home is to pack away the knick-knacks from winter. Think winter throws, candles, books, and other goodies that you might have around the house. Give your home that minimal and simple feel for summer.  

Fresh Towels

There’s something about fluffy hotel towels that immediately feel like a holiday and like summer. Bring that luxurious feel into your home this summer with plush white towels. 

Woven Baskets

Seagrass and jute have a natural and nautical look and have their summery vibe about them. While it would be incredible to be able to switch out carpets every season, that just isn’t practical, but bringing woven baskets into your home is a budget-friendly way to make it feel like summer. 


When the grass is green and the flowers are blooming it’s always a tell-tale sign that summer is here. Using pot plants inside your home can brighten your space and add a statement. You could do anything from large plants in your living room or small succulents on the kitchen window sile. 

Lightweight Quilts

Pack the winter throws and blankets away and bring out lightweight quilts with summer patterns on. Lose the bulk and keep it simple. A simple white quilt that brings summer to your bedroom in a subtle way. 

Linen Sheets

Just like putting those winter throws in the back of your cupboards for lightweight throws makes a difference to your body, linen sheets can give you the cosy feeling in your room while keeping you cool. 

If you’re ready to completely revamp your home for summer, locate your nearest Easylife Kitchens showroom here: to see how our designers can bring a permanent summer to your home!