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Your guide to a clutter-free kitchen

From preparing the family lunches for the week ahead to grabbing a quick breakfast before heading out, the kitchen is always the hub of the home and where everything is happening. But at the same time, the kitchen can always end up gathering a lot of clutter. Let’s have a look at how you can create a clutter-free space in your designer kitchen. 

Clear Surfaces

It’s easy for your kitchen counters to become cluttered with food, bags, appliances, and mail, which then makes preparing meals challenging. Start by clearing what doesn’t need to be in your kitchen, and putting back things where they belong. Find a home for everything and make an effort to keep it in its place. Try and keep bags in a container in a cabinet, and have a designated bowl for keys.

Chose the essentials

Sometimes it’s easier to focus on the positive and take what you love and want in your kitchen than to think about the negative. Use your top drawers and easy-to-reach cabinets for tools you use daily like certain pots, pans, and utensils. Have these items front and centre. Objects that get used less like storage containers or mixers can be put in the back and taken out when needed. 

Simple pleasures

Your kitchen works hard, but it’s also a space where we relax and catch-up with family and friends. From washing the dishes to savouring a glass of wine, consider the simple pleasures in your kitchen design that make you smile and use these in your kitchen. It could be anything from a radio for your favourite podcast to a fresh pot of herbs on the windowsill. 

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