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10 reasons why you should use an Easylife Kitchens designer

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  • 10 reasons why you should use an Easylife Kitchens designer

Once you’ve decided to redesign your kitchen, the next decision is choosing if you’re going to do it yourself or seek the help of a designer. You’ve seen it on TV, so you might be thinking that it can’t be that hard! Well, what you see on TV took months to do!

A kitchen redesign is a massive investment, and it’s something that you want done right the first time. From a basic renovation to a luxury rehaul, choose Easylife Kitchens to bring your vision to life. We’ve put together the top 10 reasons why you should use a designer for your kitchen remodel.

Designers spend time-on-site

Our designers spend time on-site when they’re putting together your quote and work closely with our installer and fitter teams. They ensure that your design will work with the rest of the home, and take into consideration how your home has been designed.

Project Management

As designers, they see the picture down to every detail. Measurements are taken correctly and the appropriate materials are used. With 3D renders, you’ll get a sneak peek into what your new kitchen design will look like before we even start with the project!

Design Choices

By staying up to date with the latest materials and styles, our designers know which materials work together and how to choose the right finishes for your lifestyle.

Fresh Eyes

Because you spend so much time in your current kitchen, it might be hard for you to step back and view the potential of your new kitchen design. Our designers come in with fresh eyes and know how to transform your kitchen into one of your dreams!

Appliance Selection

Our designers are here to assist with the right appliances for your new kitchen. If you aren’t an avid cook, it’s a waste purchasing a massive chef’s oven. The added benefit is that designers can incorporate integrated appliances into your new kitchen as well, giving it a truly sleek look.

Exclusive Materials

Designers have access to exclusive materials that aren’t always available to the public. This allows you to choose from even more cabinets, countertops, fixtures, and so much more.

Wear And Tear

Designers take into consideration who will be using your new kitchen. If you have small kids who end up running in and out of the kitchen, they’ll ensure to use materials that can stand a lot of wear and tear.

Lighting Improvements

Every kitchen needs adequate lighting, but it can often be overlooked because it’s just lighting after all, right? No! Lighting is vital! Our designers know how to ensure that the correct lighting is used and the amount of it to illuminate the areas you need lighting for.

Colour Choices

Because our designers have spent years mastering the perfect kitchen. If there’s a specific element you want, our designers will guide you to choosing the right colours that will work.

Avoid costly mistakes

A kitchen redesign is probably not your area of expertise, and mistakes can happen. While some might not be costly, others could cause a big delay in your design. But that’s where our designers come in. How you use your kitchen and getting the correct layout will ensure that your kitchen makes your life easier!

Get in touch with your nearest Easylife Kitchens showroom to start your design journey: Visit our showrooms

It’s so important to get it right the first time, you want a kitchen that’s going to last you 20 years, not 5 years.

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