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How to properly clean your facemasks

Facemasks are there to protect the wearer and the people around you. When worn properly, it protects against allergens like pollen, other airborne particles like sawdust, and most importantly, germs. If someone is sick, wearing a face mask helps reduce the spread of germs expelled during talking, coughing or sneezing.  Proper cleaning of your cloth [...]


2-Minute Chocolate Mousse for One

Who doesn’t enjoy a decadent and easy to make dessert? With this one, you won’t even have to get the dishes dirty! What’s even better is that you don’t need an excuse to make this chocolate mousse – it’s perfect for ONE! With just 3 ingredients, made in 2 minutes and can be eaten from [...]


8 interior Decorating Hacks

Make an incredible impression when family and guests visit with these interior decorating hacks that will make everyone think you’re a pro! Hang interesting pendant lights Lighting is the one thing that can really make or break the interior design. Pendant lamps are the best choice in making an impression with lighting. Choose something that [...]