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8 Kitchen Pantry Ideas For Smarter Storage

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  • 8 Kitchen Pantry Ideas For Smarter Storage

8 Kitchen Pantry Ideas For Smarter Storage

A kitchen pantry is a dedicated room or a specific shelving arrangement that is either inside or outside of your kitchen, in which groceries such as dry foods, snacks, and beverages are typically stored.

The key to an effective kitchen pantry is organisation. Keeping this space clean and organised allows you to quickly reach in and find what you are looking for while cooking and baking in your kitchen.
Below are some tips and tricks to help you create the kitchen pantry of your dreams!

Store Food in Clear Containers
Glass or plastic have the same effect. Using clear, airtight containers will ensure that the contents remain fresher for longer, as well as reduces the risk of insects creeping their way into your bought goods. These clear containers also allow you to see what is inside without having to open each one, allowing you to keep an eye on what you have and what you need to stock up on.

Label Your Spices
Labels are your best friend when it comes to organisation. Having custom labels made for all of your spices, or even all of your containers will allow you to easily identify what each one is and will make cooking so much easier.

Add a Small Sink
Having a small sink installed in your pantry or prep area comes in handy when wanting to quickly wash fresh produce before storing it. You can wash your hands before starting with food prep and clean up any mess or spillage as soon as it happens with a sink nearby.

Use Baskets
By storing some foods in baskets within your pantry, you can simply pull them out in times of need or when searching for a quick snack. These pull-out baskets are simple and effective, a must-have for a working pantry.

Hang Produce
If your shelving space is limited, opt for hanging some produce in baskets around your pantry. These are both effective and add an element of style to a space. Hanging baskets are perfect for storing fruits and vegetables, which do not need to be stored in airtight containers.

Store Similar Items Together
Storing similar items together in one place in your pantry will assist in making it more intuitive when looking for goods. Implementing this strategy will cut down the amount of time spent on food prep as you can quickly grab what you need instead of sifting through the entire pantry.

Bright Lighting
Having bright lights in your pantry will improve product visibility, helping you to find exactly what you are looking for without wasting time. Installing multiple light fixtures and ensuring that you change the bulbs regularly will create the perfect brightness.

Floor Space is Important
It is easy to forget that floor space is another important element of a pantry and can be utilized for additional storage when shelving space is full. The floor is essentially another shelf and should be used to place baskets with heavy contents.

By implementing just a few of these methods into your existing or remodelled kitchen pantry, you will get a better understanding of how small changes can have a big impact on the efficiency of your pantry. Make the most of your storage space with Easylife Kitchens this New Year!

8 Kitchen Pantry Ideas For Smarter Storage

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