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Design tricks to making your small kitchen appear bigger

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  • Design tricks to making your small kitchen appear bigger

Large, spacious, and open plan kitchens are every homeowner’s dream! However, some homes still have smaller and compact kitchens. We’ve put together some key design tricks to ensure your new kitchen design makes the space feel as large as possible.

Plan the layout 

Using every inch of your space to ensure your layout remains functional is vital when working with smaller kitchens. Our designers will plan that you have enough space to move around in your kitchen, but also enough space to work and cook. Our smart storage solutions will also assist in keeping your kitchen organised.

Cabinetry Colours

Use colours to your advantage or opt for lighter shades. Light colours will create the illusion of a bigger space and will also give you a sleek and elegant look. When choosing white or light colours, you have a blank canvas to work on and can add pops of bold colours with appliances or accessories.

Neutrals and Metallics 

When it comes to smaller kitchens, use neutral colours like beige, white, and light brown to highlight certain areas and opt for metallics to bring in an elegant look. These can be your pendant lights, chairs, or even accessories. Neutral kitchens are also highly adaptable which means you can change out what you’ve chosen as the season’s pass.

Balance dark with light

While we recommend lighter shades and neutrals when it comes to small kitchen design, if you’re after a bold colour like navy blue, we’ll use them at the base of your kitchen cabinets, and balance them out with light marble-like or veined quartz tops.

Widen The Room

Open shelving using beautiful solid wood can quickly widen your room, however, you will be restricted with storage space though. If your space allows, use a combination of open shelving where you can and our smart storage solutions across the rest of your kitchen.

Conjure Up Reflections

A mirror splashback can bring in a light-reflecting element that can add to a small kitchen appearing bigger. Using one continuous piece rather than tiles will also help the mirror be more effective.

These are just a few of the design tricks that your guests won’t even notice when it comes to designing your new kitchen. Are you ready for the kitchen of your dreams? Locate your nearest showroom: Visit our showrooms

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