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How to choose the right kitchen countertop

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  • How to choose the right kitchen countertop

Very few things can make or break a kitchen design as much as the countertop material you choose. Choosing the correct countertop is vital and very important – so many aspects go into ensuring the material you choose will stand the test of time.

Besides the various materials, there are some important factors to consider. Do you want your countertops to be stylish? Do you have a specific budget? Something that’s easy to clean? These will influence which material you end up choosing.


Wood countertops are timeless and the epitome of making a kitchen look homely. They’re eco-friendly and easy to refurbish, but can be less hygienic than other materials and require continuous upkeep.


Quartz has become a very popular option with modern kitchens and can give your kitchen a wow factor. They’re durable and stain resistant and stand the test of time.


Marble is gorgeous! However we highly suggest you stay away from marble when it comes to countertops. It’s expensive and can easily scratch or chip.


Concrete countertops are unique and a sleek addition to any kitchen. These days, you can choose various colours, finishes, and textures.


If you’re looking for the most durable material, look no further than granite. With so many shades to choose from, granite is incredibly durable, heat resistant and scratch resistant.


Bamboo is one of the only eco-friendly options to consider. It contains shredded bamboo fibres that have been blended and hardened with resins. It might not always be the first option, but bamboo can often be a better option than wood.

If you’re stuck with which countertop to go for and need expert advice, speak to one of our designers – They’ll assist you in making the right decision for your new kitchen design!

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