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How to transform a spare bedroom into a man cave

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  • How to transform a spare bedroom into a man cave

So many people dream about having a man cave. A place for them to relax and unwind, watch the latest sports game, and entertain friends. The room where they can have all the memorabilia that doesn’t go into your home’s aesthetic. We’ve put together some helpful tips to turn your spare bedroom – or even your spare garage for that matter – into a man cave, without having it look tacky.

The Colours

Once you’ve chosen which room will be converted into a man cave, paint it with vibrant colours that you love. You could even do a statement wall and use the colours of a sports team or two.

The Cabinetry 

Decide on your cabinetry and shelving. Every man cave needs a spot for the TV, and Easylife Kitchens is here to assist in creating that spot for yours. Allow our teams to add built-in cupboards for any extra storage that might be needed.

The Bar 

A fully stocked bar is a must for any mancave! Our designers can create one that ties in with the aesthetic of the man cave so your only job is ensuring it remains fully stocked for friends and family.

The Snacks 

Use part of the built-in cupboards by Easylife Kitchens as a dedicated snack bar, or chat to our designers about adding this to your project. No sports game is complete with some chips and biltong!

The Lighting

The correct lighting is essential with any man cave. The last thing you want is for it to be too dark that you can’t pour drinks or have snacks, but you also don’t want too much brightness. Experiment with lighting until you find the ideal setting for you.

The Personal Touches

Once you have your bar, snack bar, TV unit, and built-in cupboards by Easylife Kitchens, it’s time to add the personal touches! A frame that signed winner’s jersey and displays it, make a feature wall with old records, and make your man cave truly yours.

The Accessories 

A man cave doesn’t need much but a few simple décor items. Add rugs for warmth, coffee tables to keep drinks safe, and cushions to make your couch more relaxing.

The Name 

Now that your man cave is completed, it’s time to give it a name! You created it and it needs your stamp of approval!

Are you ready to transform your spare room or garage into a man cave? Get in touch with your nearest showroom to start your design journey: Visit our showrooms

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