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Instantly refresh your bedroom on a budget

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  • Instantly refresh your bedroom on a budget

If your bedroom’s style is enough to put you to sleep, then it’s time to give it a refresh! We’ve rounded up some easy and affordable ways to give your bedroom style, personality, and comfort.

When the majority of your bedroom showcases neutral colours, it’s easy to add pops of colour. Pick one of two colours that you love and repeat the hues in your room with artwork, throws, cushions, or even light fixtures.

Textures can easily change from summer to winter. Use thick fluffy throws in winter and switch these out with cotton throws in summer. Other options include jute rugs or quilts.

Bed Linens
Nothing feels fresher than new bedding. Take this as an opportunity to go bold with your bedding and go for a shade or pattern you wouldn’t usually choose. This will instantly add depth and texture to your bedroom too.

Paint your ceiling! Or even better – wallpaper it. Make a graphic statement on your ceiling and break the colour of the walls to give it an even larger feel.

Repurposing vintage items can look so unique. Give your old vintage headboard a whitewash or varnish it and leave the natural beauty there.

Giving your room a dramatic headboard can instantly give it a refresh. Fabrics with patterns are one option, or going DIY and creating your headboard will create a bold impact as well.

Artwork doesn’t have to be expensive. Going for a print from a homeware store can change your room so much. If you aren’t into artwork, take old photos and create a photo wall with memories.

Cabinet Doors
Cabinet doors almost always take up the bulk of your bedroom. You can go as far as to change your cabinets to mirrors, sliding doors, or simply change the handles to something different.

Giving your bedroom a refresh doesn’t have to cost a fortune, our simple tips will allow you to add some personality to your bedroom with items you might already own!

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