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Kitchen Peninsula vs Island

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The big debate of modern-day kitchens – kitchen peninsula or kitchen island?


If you are finding yourself in this situation and simply cannot come to a final decision, you might want to consider a few of the points below.


Let’s Start with the Basics: What are the Differences

A peninsula is attached to a wall and often forms a U-Shape together with your kitchen cabinetry. It is a continuation of your kitchen work surface. On the other hand, an island is a freestanding structure and is usually placed in the centre of your kitchen and can be a statement piece.


Space and Movement

It is important to remember that your choice will affect how you can move around your kitchen space. There is no right or wrong answer, the decision will ultimately come down to the space which you have available, and which one will work cohesively in that space.

Kitchen islands are seen as more visually appealing to the majority of homeowners as it offers a better flow of traffic in the kitchen and is accessible on all four sides. The downside to islands is that not many people have the luxury of the space an island requires. A point to consider is that if you think you will constantly be bumping into it and feel that it might get in the way and make your kitchen feel even smaller, then an island probably is not the best choice for you.


If you have an L-Shaped kitchen, it will make the most sense to choose a peninsula design as this could be built in line with the existing shape of the room. This will also use the same materials as your kitchen and therefore could save on expenses.


If you have a compact kitchen and you are wanting to get rid of an existing peninsula, then looking into having a compact kitchen island is always an option. There are plenty of compact kitchen island designs available which will add value to your kitchen’s look and feel.


Are Peninsulas Outdated

No – Peninsulas can help you achieve the same function as an island in a more compact space. One of the perks of a peninsula is that they are a durable and cost-effective solution that is less complex and less labour-intensive than an island. Peninsulas are less common in today’s kitchens, however, they add value by providing more storage and extra counter space.


Both an island and a peninsula can add immense value to your kitchen and how you move around it. The deciding factor would be knowing which one will work best for you with the space you have available. Speak to one of our design consultants about which will work best for you:

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