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Marie Kondo Inspired Decluttering Tips

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  • Marie Kondo Inspired Decluttering Tips

Marie Kondo is the name on everyone’s lips lately. She’s the queen of decluttering and organising, and rightly so after her four published books and reality show on the topic. Marie sent people into a decluttering frenzy this year, and more people want to embrace this minimal life and only keeping what “sparks joy”. We’ve put together some Marie Kondo inspired tips on where to start with your decluttering.

Go room by room

Don’t go in with the mindset of starting in one spot and tackling the whole house in one day. It’s a daunting task that will put you off before even starting. Aim for just one or two rooms a day and throw everything out the cupboards while you decide what to keep and what to toss.

Donate tossed items

There are so many people in need and organisations that could do with as many donations as possible. Some of these organisations have drop-off boxes, and others even come to your house to collect any unwanted items. Local libraries and children’s homes will appreciate any books or toys you want to toss, while some clothing stores like H&M offer discounts on your shopping for bringing in old clothing. You’re helping yourself as well as those in need when you declutter.

Invest in storage solutions

Make sure everything has a place. Use small boxes in drawers or dividers in cupboards to store items. Easylife Kitchens have a variety of different options and choices that can make storage and having everything organised a breeze. Chat to your local branch and designer about these solutions.

Stick to a clutter-free life

Once you’ve decluttered, don’t go back to keeping unnecessary items that you know you are just going to end up chucking in a few months or years. Give some thought about what you really want in your home and create digital documents of papers as soon as you get them to prevent the pile up. Make conscious decisions when you’re shopping and think about whether you really need something before buying it.  Everything around you should serve a purpose and make you happy.

It’s so easy for clutter to just pile up, but once you opt for smart storage solutions and adapt to a minimalistic lifestyle, you’ll also feel a sense of freedom.

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