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Tips on How to Decorate Your Christmas Tree

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  • Tips on How to Decorate Your Christmas Tree

There’s no better time of the year to get your Christmas Tree up than right now! Christmas trees can vary from being absolutely perfect to being mismatched if you have children who want every single decoration up. We’ve put together some easy guidelines on everything you need for your tree this festive season.

Picking the Tree

Not all trees are equal. Some enjoy a real tree while others prefer synthetic trees. Use your home’s size to decide how big you can go. Consider getting a tree that’s a different colour to add to the aesthetic of your home. 

Colour Schemes

Your synthetic tree doesn’t need to be green. If your home is filled with neutral earthy shades, why not go for a white or gold tree? You could even go as far as an old tree branch that’s spray painted a neutral shade.


If you have kids around, we know choosing a theme isn’t always easy. But try to decide on a single theme. If you’re doing Christmas baubles, don’t throw a reindeer or snowman in the mix. 


On a budget and over your old decorations? Get the kids to DIY new decorations for your tree. They can use anything from cardboard to dry pasta to create decorations. 

The Perfect Topper

While some prefer angels, others prefer the star. This is all about what you want on top of your tree!

Scandi Trees

This minimalist approach to tree decorating is beautiful. Take your tree and simply use fairy lights draped around them with a topper. Keep it as minimal as you like. 

Have you put your tree up? Tag us in your tree images, we’d love to see our Easylife Kitchens’ family and their Christmas trees!

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