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6 Timeless Kitchen Trends

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  • 6 Timeless Kitchen Trends

When it comes to redesigning your new kitchen, the trick to ensuring you get bang for your buck and don’t end up with a kitchen that you want to update again in a few years, is to incorporate timeless design elements into your kitchen that won’t go out of style. But what exactly are some of these timeless kitchen trends? Skip the colour of the year that everyone is talking about and opt for these kitchen ideas instead!

Neutral Paint Colours 

How often do you get told the white kitchen is too boring? But there’s such a solid reason why this colour has stood the test of time: It will truly never go out of style, and there is so much you can do with a white kitchen.

Shaker-Style Cabinet Doors

Shaker-style cabinets are known for their minimal design, and have been a staple in many kitchens for more than 100 years! They aren’t just popular for farmhouse kitchens, but can work with numerous other styles around your home as well.

Drawer organisers

Being organised is timeless! And drawer organisers are constantly evolving and becoming more innovative. These features will never become outdated, and will continue to make your time in the kitchen easier and easier.

Vintage-styled appliances

There’s a reason why the iconic SMEG fridge has become a cult classic. Appliances with a retro appeal continue to stay popular, and brands like SMEG are still making appliances with an old-school charm.

Natural Materials

Wood and stone elements will keep your space classic and timeless. Stay away from the stainless steel and engineered materials if you really want a kitchen with a timeless look.

Marble and Butcher’s Blocks

If you’re put off by the maintenance and potential staining that comes with the elegant choice of marble for countertops, consider a butcher block. It will wear naturally and beautifully over years, and you can prepare your food directly on it.

The timeless kitchen of your dreams is waiting. Give us a call, or visit one of our 31 showrooms across Southern Africa today.

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