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7 ways to decorate your kitchen countertops

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  • 7 ways to decorate your kitchen countertops

7 ways to decorate your kitchen countertops

When it comes to kitchen aesthetics, the countertops take centre stage. It’s where you prepare meals, have conversations, and a place to showcase your style. At Easylife Kitchens, we know the importance of a well-decorated kitchen countertop – Let’s find out how you can decorate yours today!


Keep It Functional 

The first of decorating your countertops is to ensure they remain functional and clutter-free. If something is not visually appealing, use the cupboard to store it. Reserve space for everyday appliances like your kettle, coffee machine, or toasted.


Add Greenery 

A touch of greenery can add life to any space. Whether it’s a couple of herbs or succulents, not only do they add a fresh element, but they can also provide easy access to fresh herbs when you’re cooking up a storm!


Trays and Baskets

Keep your countertops organised with trays and baskets. Decorative marble trays are beautiful while adding a sleek look to your countertops, while wicker baskets seem to stand the test of time.


Display Cookbooks

Showcase your favourite cookbooks on a stand or even on a shelf on your countertop. This adds a personal touch but also allows you to reach for your go-to recipes at any stage.


Art and Décor

Add unique pieces that speak to your personality. From framed artwork to a vase or quirky sculptures.


Seasonal Décor 

Switch your décor with the seasons – During summer, display fresh fruits and wildflowers, and during winter, opt for candles or earthy tones. Seasonal décor also helps your kitchen to feel fresh throughout the year.


Quality Materials

Your kitchen countertops itself can be a statement piece itself. From granite to quartz, make sure it showcases who you are and suits your lifestyle!


With these simple tips and our easy guide, your guests will be stunned by how well you decorate your countertops! If you are ready to start your design journey with the industry experts – Visit one of our showrooms across Southern Africa today:


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