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4 Design Tricks to Create Light & Airy Spaces

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  • 4 Design Tricks to Create Light & Airy Spaces

There’s just something about a light and airy sun-filled space. You’ve seen them all over Instagram and Pinterest, but how easy is it to achieve that effortless look without floor-to-ceiling windows and high ceilings? With a few design tricks, you can easily create a calm and warm feeling in your space. 


Minimalism is more than just a trend and less is more. Decluttering is an easy way to manage your life and your space. If you start to feel overwhelmed in your home, it’s time to scale down and create visual tranquillity.

Start by finding a home for everything in the room. From loose keys, old mail, piles of clothing you’ve been meaning to donate but haven’t gotten to. Clear the room of anything that doesn’t need to be there and dedicate a place for everything that’s left in your room. 

Next, think about quality over quantity. Instead of having 10 frames, have one large statement piece. It might be an unpopular opinion, but reduce the number of pillows on your bed and rather create a symmetrical one. Choose one or two items for your nightstand and try not to over clutter it. 

Light Shades

Pale colours are a must when it comes to creating an airy appearance in your room. White is the easy choice, but you can go for beige or grey to create the same effect. If you want colours, go for the lightest shade in the colour you’re looking for.  

When it comes to furnishings, choose pale or grey-toned wood, or items that have been painted in light colours. Rugs and linens should also be light and you can create a layered tone-on-tone look with slightly varied shades of the same colour. 

You can add dimension to the room with blankets and throws in light natural colours. 

Window Treatments 

Open your blinds or curtains. Don’t miss out on that beautiful, bright, and natural light that will fill through your space during the day. 

Keep your window treatments light in colour and weight, and try to use a natural fabric. Linen or cotton curtains are perfect. If privacy is a concern, opt for sheer and lightweight fabrics to diffuse the light. Velvet, silk, and heavyweight curtains should be avoided. 

Create Flow

The goal here is to create as much space as possible. Create flow in the way you arrange your furniture, and don’t be afraid to move them away from the wall. 

Only use as much furniture as necessary and try not to overdo it in small rooms. The lack of space can quickly make a room feel stuffy. 

An important part of design is creating the ambiance you want. A light and airy room can give you a sense of ease, calmness, and clarity. No matter where you stay or how small your room is, you can create any ambiance by using a few design and décor tips. 

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