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Discover the evolution of the modern kitchen style

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  • Discover the evolution of the modern kitchen style

Discover the evolution of the modern kitchen style

Kitchen design has drastically changed over the years to reflect changes in our lifestyles, technology, and aesthetics. Modern kitchens continue to transform as the years progress but remain functional by blending beauty with function. Let’s dive into the evolution of modern kitchen design trends!

The Rise of Minimalism

One of the biggest transformations we continue to see in modern kitchen design is minimalism. The style emphasizes clean lines, clutter-free surfaces, and a very simple or even neutral colour palette. Cabinets in modern kitchen design often feature sleek handles or no handles at all for a seamless look and feel. Functionality and organisation is always prioritised in modern kitchens with smart storage solutions that keep essentials out of sight but easily accessible.

Open Plan Living

Another big shift in modern design is the rise of open-plan living. Removing barriers between rooms and creating a flow from the lounge to living areas to encourage a connection between rooms. Open-plan kitchens often feature islands that serve as multi-functional spaces for food prep, dining, and socialising.


We are seeing more and more modern kitchen designs embracing sustainable materials and finishes. From recycled wood to energy-efficient applications, homeowners are making eco-conscious choices without compromising on style. These natural elements include solid wood, organic textiles, stone countertops, and bamboo flooring.

Bespoke Touches

Customisation is the key to modern kitchen design! A design that reflects your personality, tastes, and preferences. From unique lighting to statement splashbacks, use the modern kitchen as the ideal opportunity to bring your personality to your kitchen,

The modern kitchen will remain one that is easy to spot but continues to blend functionality, aesthetics, and sustainability. Are you ready to transform your kitchen? Visit one of our showrooms today:

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