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How to get the marble-look in every room

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  • How to get the marble-look in every room

How to get the marble-look in every room

Marble is that one shade that will forever be timeless. No one can miss those swirling veins and variations of the classic marble. But this natural stone is not always a practical choice. But that shouldn’t mean it’s off-limits. Using marble-like elements can give you this stylish look in every room in your home!

Tabletop Makeover

Take that outdated dining table that’s always covered with a tablecloth and give it a DIY makeover! Using marble patterned laminate, you can give your dining table new life and make it a statement piece in your home. You also don’t have to worry about your wood getting damaged as the laminate can easily be replaced when it becomes worn. Visit your local DIY store to find your favourite marble pattern!

Accent Wall

Whether it’s a wall as your walk into your home, one in the bedroom, or one in your study, wallpaper is about to become your new best friend! Limit it to one accent wall and apply a beautiful marble-like patterned wallpaper from the ceiling to the floor. Wallpaper is the easiest DIY and anyone can attempt this look!

Wall Art 

One of the easiest ways to bring the marble-look into your home is with large-scale wall art. Another benefit of wall art is that you can switch your pieces around when boredom strikes. Consider adding other accents to the room like furnishings and other pops of colours to bring out the wall art.

Small Accents

If you’re looking at adding smaller touches of this natural stone then small accent pieces are for you. Display your bedside treasures on a small marble tray or get coasters for your bar area. Your local homeware store might have an array of smaller accents like wine coolers, trays, accented tableware, and so much more!

Cosy Cushions

These days you can easily find this natural stone’s look on material! From scatter cushions to tablecloths and perhaps even a rug or two, you can adapt your soft goods to have a marble-inspired look that can easily be switched up as the seasons go by.

Dip-Dye DIY 

Get ready to revive all your outdated and unused home objects like vases, planters, bookends, and more. Using the dip dye technique, you can breathe new life into these older pieces. To create these one-of-a-kind pieces, fill a kiddies pool with room temperature water, apply spray paint to the top of the water, and lightly press your items into the paint then pull up and allow to dry. You can use this technique on almost any time in your home!

Adding the marble look to your home is a weekend task that anyone can take on! However, it’s a more large-scale makeover you’re looking for, then it’s time to get in touch with one of our consultants! Visit: to find your nearest showroom.

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