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How to instantly Hygge your home

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  • How to instantly Hygge your home

You’ve probably heard the word ‘Hygge’ over the past few years, but what does this Danish concept really mean? Pronounced ‘hoo-ga’, it can’t be defined by one word, but rather by the way it makes you feel – An overall feeling of comfort. Think being in a room with a well-made bed that has the perfect balance of throws and cushions, a freshly brewed cup of tea, your favourite book while the fire rustles in the background – that’s Hygge. You’ve probably experienced it and didn’t even know it. 

From the kitchen to the bedroom to your bathroom vanity. Here are some ways to instantly ‘Hygge your home’. 


Candles are one of the easiest ways to add a sense of Hygge to your home. They’re almost essential to the Hygge experience. You can neatly arrange them on a bookcase, a coffee table, or draw a bath and use your candles to bring in warmth. 


Hygge originates in Scandinavia, which would explain why the bedroom and bedding are so vital. Go for uncluttered, but cosy with two easy steps: Declutter, then go blanket crazy. When it’s too warm for heavy comforters, focus on light layers that you can remove. 

The kitchen

Neutral cabinets, pops of greenery, and minimal décor is the first step to achieve a Hygge-filled kitchen. Followed by something baking in the oven while you appreciate the little things. 

Book Nook

Create your own library at home and create a book nook, filled with your favourite books. You don’t need a lot of space to create your own little reading space either – A few cushions is sometimes all you need.

Cosy crafts

Learn how to knit or crochet and create your own Hygge pieces. These can be used as gifts, or to add even more Hygge to your space. 

Less is more

This Nordic trend really is about limiting the number of things you add to your home. If your small lounge doesn’t allow for a lot of furniture, embrace Hygge by adding a jute rug and stick to simple palettes.

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