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How to Plan Ahead for House Guests

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  • How to Plan Ahead for House Guests

Having guests stay over at your house – you either love it or you dread it. This is where planning comes in, being organised and having a plan of action will help you remain calm while ensuring that everything gets done in preparation for your guest’s arrival.

Kind gestures such as offering a small welcome gift will allow your guests to feel welcomed. Small gifts can be placed in the bedroom or on their pillows, such as a chocolate, a book, a tourist attraction booklet or even a pretty vase filled with fresh flowers. This will help make them feel at home. A small gift accompanied by a brief welcome note will go a long way when welcoming your guests.

Meal preparation and planning is essential when hosting guests. Making a schedule of the meals you will need to cook and the ingredients you will need will help you to save time and even be able to prepare most meals ahead of time. Take note of how many people you will need to feed so you know how much food to make. Another tip is to arrange mealtimes with your guests to ensure that everyone is on the same page, as well as to allow your guests to plan their daily activities around mealtimes.

There is nothing more unpleasant than your host constantly cooking, cleaning, and working while you are trying to relax and spend time with them. Allow time for you and your guests to enjoy each other’s company. If your guests offer to help, let them! There is nothing wrong with everyone lending a helping hand now and then. This way, the work will get done faster and will in turn allow you to spend more uninterrupted time with everyone, without worrying about housework.

Get out of the house! Having guests in your space can be overwhelming and make you feel even more cramped than usual. Show them around the neighbourhood, go to the shopping mall, watch a movie or visit the local museum. Communicate the schedule with your guests so that they know what to do and when to be ready to go out. Don’t forget to spend some time outdoors!

“Show and Tell” is always a fun idea. If your guests are up to it, show them a glimpse into your lives by giving them a tour of your children’s school, your gym or stop at your favourite coffee shop. Visit the local hot spots to give them a better idea of your hometown.

These tips should help you to be more prepared for when guests come over and allow you the freedom to spend some quality time with them, knowing that you have done everything you can to make them feel comfortable and welcomed.

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