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How to pull off matt black in your kitchen

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  • How to pull off matt black in your kitchen

Matt black is that one colour that will always be on-trend, but at the same time can be very intimidating to work. Matt black is all about mixing and matching – if your cupboards are black, then your walls, floors and ceiling should be another shade. Contrasting colours can make a bold statement, and you can easily bring in natural elements like wood when working with matte black.

Because it’s such a dominant shade, you’ll want to place it where you want to draw attention to. If you want your splashback to be your focal point, then go for it.

Don’t hesitate to get creative with matt black! It can be brought into almost any theme and there are so many ways you can use the colour. We’ve compiled a few ways in which you can bring matte black into your kitchen design.


Hardware can easily make a subtly statement and can also be used to create a contrast. You can pair matt black hardware with your white or grey cabinets to make a statement, or you can draw contrasts with glossy accessories and matt hardware.

Statement wall

Making a stark contrast between wall and cabinet colours can create a visually interesting design. A statement matt black wall, or even the entire kitchen, can work especially well with a kitchen that has light cupboards.


Why not make your cabinets the focal point? You can play around and add dark countertops for a moody look, or contrast them with light grey or white.


These days, so many appliance manufacturers have gotten into this trend. From large to small appliances, opt for them to match and bring out the matt black in your new kitchen. You can take it one notch further and add metal accents to your black appliances.


If you’re not quite ready for a bold matt black look, subtly add into your kitchen without a full remodel. You can start with your light fixtures or pendants, and then go to vases and bowls. If you have an island, you can do stools with matte black legs or seats.


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