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How to style plants in your bathroom

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  • How to style plants in your bathroom

We use plants to bring colour and life to our bedrooms and living rooms, so why not add some greenery to your bathroom as well? Plants can add some style to your bathroom, help purify the air and even assist in relieving stress and anxiety.

But where do you start? Adding plants to your bathroom doesn’t have to mean big leafy plants, you can even go as small as a few succulents. We’ve put together some tips on how to style plants in your bathroom.

Keep them alive

If you’re worried that you might not be able to keep plants alive, go for succulents. They’re hard to kill and look beautiful on vanities, behind toilets and on windowsills. They do however need some direct sunlight from time to time.

Fill a shelf

If you’re small on space, add a floating shelf and decorate with plants of your choice. You can mix and match the containers and add hanging plants for an extra dimension.

Upgrade your shower

Who doesn’t love low maintenance plants? They basically water themselves! Adding a shelf against the wall of your shower gives you a view, or place a few pots in the corner of your bath. Ferns would be the best option here as they love humid areas.


Placing a few pots around your bath is the perfect bliss for when you just need to relax.

Awkward space

If you have a large bathroom and need to fill up some empty space, a big leafy plant will achieve it. It not only fills unused space but gives your bathroom a focal point.

Hang it up 

Pots aren’t the be-all and end-all. Go for hanging plants and hang from the ceiling of your bathroom.


Decorate a windowsill with a variety of plants and use natural light to your advantage. You can go as far as creating a rainforest look, or keep it simple with fewer plants.

However you choose to use plants in your bathroom, let them do the talking. They take the effort out of decorating and add enough décor to help any space feel finished and inviting.

While you’re adding plants to your bathroom, get in touch with our designers to design the perfect vanity and spot for your plants: Visit our showrooms

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