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Must-Have Colours for 2023

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  • Must-Have Colours for 2023

Must-Have Colours for 2023

New year, new colours!

In 2023, people will begin shying away from minimalism and will make a conscious move towards maximalism where they will incorporate more colour into their home décor. Darker, moodier colours are said to be of choice going into the New Year.

Moody Colours are Perfect to use in Smaller Spaces
We have all heard that you should avoid using darker colours in small spaces, as this can make them feel even smaller and more claustrophobic. Small spaces such as long passageways and confined closets are the perfect place to test out your 2023 moody colour scheme without overdoing it. A beautiful combination includes deep blues mixed with greys. You can add a pop of colour using reds, greens, and blacks.

Complement Red and Jewel Tones
For those who don’t know, red will be making a huge comeback in 2023. Start by incorporating some red accents in your home, such as dining chairs, in addition to neutrals which will help to add more emphasis on the colour. Another colour to take note of is Jewel tones. You can successfully mix jewel tones with some spicier colours such as a deep, burnt orange to create a colour-blocked look.
For those who are not that into red, opting for sheer is a solid alternative. Aubergine is another popular colour to be used in 2023, a perfect alternative to red. This can be beautifully paired with creams and shades of green.

Mix Dark Shades with Vintage Pieces
Vintage is in! Combining moody colours with vintage accessories is a match made in heaven. This allows you to really explore various eclectic pieces.

Good Lighting Plan
If you choose to give bold and moody a go but are worried that it may darken your home, you can easily avoid this issue by having a proper lighting plan in place, which is especially important during winter months. You can effectively brighten up your home through good lighting, natural light through windows as well as following open layouts where possible.

Wood Tones Complement Moody Shades
Organic décor is still very much popular going into the New Year. Wooden details work perfectly when paired with a moody colour scheme. This combination adds earthy and organic texture to the space. Ideal rooms to implement this change are bathrooms and kitchens.

We look forward to helping you achieve your dream kitchen this 2023! Locate your nearest showroom to start your design journey:

Must-Have Colours for 2023

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