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Pros of having a handle-less kitchen

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  • Pros of having a handle-less kitchen

A handle-less kitchen is sleek and stylish, and often looks neater than door and drawer handles. If your kitchen runs into your living or dining room, then a handle-less kitchen can create the illusion of a flowing kitchen, also relating to incredible feng shui.

When you’re choosing the kitchen of your dreams, it’s more than just looks you need to focus on, but also choosing a kitchen that will suit your lifestyle. There are a few options to consider when choosing which handle-less option you want to go for, like a push mechanism, soft closing hinges, or a pull open door. We’ve put together some pros of choosing this style for your kitchen.

They’re Safer

Bashing your hip on a cabinet door knob or drawer handle is a painful feeling that we could all do without. And then we aren’t even talking about your sleeves catching or your jeans ripping on a handle, but we have all been there. Handle-less doors take away this inconvenient issue, and it’s just one less thing to worry about when you’re manoeuvring around your kitchen, cooking and baking up a storm.

They look good

Handle-less kitchens and cupboards look so clean and give your kitchen an effortless finish with a sleek contemporary design that would be hard to replicate with handles. Some of the latest mechanisms require minimal touch, so you can even go for that gloss finish and not have to worry about fingerprints too much.

They have incredible craftmanship

Handle-less kitchens may cost slightly more than cupboards and drawers with handles, but they have impeccable craftmanship behind them like the push to open mechanisms, finger pulls, and some have electric mechanisms, and soft closing hinges. You also have the added peace of mind that only specialists can install this style.



They go with everything


Now you don’t have to worry about your bright toaster, kettle, or pendant light clashing with drawer handles, because a handle-less kitchen goes well with all accessories you want to bring into your home.


Visit one of the Easylife Kitchens showrooms located across Southern Africa and chat to one of our design consultants about using these cupboard and drawer mechanisms for your kitchen.

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