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Replace Or Clean These Kitchen Items STAT

Don’t try and keep your cutting board for a few weeks or months longer than you should. All these items do is harbour and spread germs and bacteria. Have a look at some of the less-obvious kitchen items that should be replaced sooner rather than later. 

Cutting Boards

Cutting boards are definitely one of the most versatile items we have in the kitchen. They can be used for an array of uses, and they make cleaning up a breeze. While cutting boards have a long life if maintained properly, it’s important to replace cutting boards when you start seeing deep crevices that are impossible to fully clean.


Sponges are constantly in contact with germs and bacteria. Clean your sponges by chucking them in the dishwasher or the microwave to really kill any grime, however, you should still be replacing your sponges at least once a month.

Water Filter

Water filters in pitchers are such an inexpensive way to have cold filtered water. But when last have you changed your filter? If you’re not sticking to the manufacturers’ recommendations of replacement, then your filter really isn’t doing the job it’s made to do. 

Water Bottles

They’re BPA free, they’re easy to grab and go, and they can last for years. As a general rule, even if you’re just using water, you should still be washing your bottles every day. When they start to show signs of wear and funky smells, it’s time to toss it and replace it!

Dishrags and towels

Dishrags and towels are there for you through it all – from a sticky spill to wiping away crumbs. As great as they are for kitchen use, they can also harbour germs. Soak your dish rags in hot water to keep germs at bay, or use paper towels.


We know what you’re thinking, and while cooking with old spices won’t hurt you, they don’t have much flavour left in them. Toss your spices every few years and take note of when you buy new ones so you know when to replace them.

Plastic Storage Containers

We all know that one person that loves to reuse yogurt jars, mayo jars, and other containers. Of course, there is nothing wrong with this, but over time the plastic can break and release chemicals into your food. Rather invest in quality storage containers and chuck the disposable containers once you’ve finished the product.