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The perfect houseplants for your kitchen

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  • The perfect houseplants for your kitchen

If there’s one room in your home that deserves some house plants, it’s your kitchen! Whether you opt for cactus gardens, hanging plants, or large water-friendly plants, surrounding yourself with the perfect kitchen plants will not only brighten the space, but can double as décor!

Aloe Vera

Aloe enjoys bright light and definitely needs to be close to a window. Ensure it dries out between watering – Aloe hates being soggy. It also happens to be a healing plant and simply pinching an outer leaf and squeezing the gel can assist with minor burns.


Fresh herbs on your countertops or windowsills are a must! If your kitchen is on the dark side, opt for less fussy herbs like parsley, mint, and chives.

Peace Lily

Peace Lilies have shiny leaves and tolerate very low light. It’s one of the most carefree plants that are almost impossible to kill as long as you keep the soil lightly moist.

Air Plants

Air plants grow without soil and in bright light, and can look beautiful hanging up. It’s a no-care plant and ideal for a newbie plant parent. They only require watering occasionally by misting once a week.

ZZ Plant

The ZZ plant is tough as nails! Their dramatic upright leaves can tolerate even the darkest corners and only need to be watered when the top is dry.

Spider Plant

The Spider Plant is an old-fashioned plant that can still thrive in the right environment. They look stunning in hanging pots but can look equally beautiful in a statement pot. Spider Plants prefer bright light but manage to adapt to low light as well.

Use plants to your advantage and take your kitchen design to a bold and bright look!

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