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Turn Your Bedroom Into A 5-Star Hotel Room

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  • Turn Your Bedroom Into A 5-Star Hotel Room

Make your bedroom feel like a 5-star hotel room with our easy bedroom decorating tips. When hotels start designing a room, they use colour palettes and schemes that fit into their location. This is exactly what you should aim to do with your bedroom, but unlike a hotel room that needs to please a variety of people, your bedroom just needs to please you. The best part is that it’s so much easier than you think.


Create areas in your room. This can be done for any sized room, and will easily create a hotel room sense, while still being your refuge. Create a sleeping area for your bed, a reading area with a chair or two, a working area with your desk and a grooming area in your en-suite.


Adding lighting elements to your room that you might not already have can give a relaxing ambience. Bedside reading lights that are individually controlled and lights that can be dimmed are some examples, as well as ensuring you have ample lighting in your room will all lend itself to creating a luxurious space.

Natural Lighting

Maximise the natural lighting that comes with your bedroom. Drapery that stacks past your windows will show off your view, with black-out blinds that can still give you those extra few minutes to snooze will do just the trick.


When you’re in your bedroom, you’re spending the most time in your bed. Ensure that you buy the best bed you can afford and invest in a pillow top for extra comfort. Purchase top-quality bedding and add extra scatter cushions for colour. A throw at the end of the bed can provide extra warmth in winter while giving you a rounded-off look.

Make It Yours

Hotel rooms often make use of feature art, but this is where you can bring your own personal style to your room. Whether it’s family portraits or artworks by your favourite artist, use it to speak about your personality and who you are.

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