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Why You Need a Dedicated Study

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  • Why You Need a Dedicated Study

From studying for exams to doing taxes, having Zoom meetings to working from home, a dedicated study is something that will always be advantageous. It’s a space that’s free of distractions and a space that will sharpen your mind.

Why should you have a dedicated study?

An area, from a nook to a room, will always be better than using your kitchen, bedroom, or a room that could present distractions.

When you have a dedicated study, you can maintain the perfect colour scheme and room temperature where you can stay focused.

Working from home with children always poses distractions but having a room that’s off limits to the little ones will assist with not being distracted by other family members in the home.

What makes a good study?

Our designers can take your room or your nook, and turn it into a space that promotes a study environment. Your study will usually include the following:

Privacy – If you don’t have a room to turn into a study, your study nook should be a quiet area of the house with as little foot traffic as possible.

Spacious – The last thing you want is to feel cramped. Your desk shouldn’t be too big for your room, and you should only add items that are really necessary.

Comfort – A comfortable chair with good back support and ample legroom will assist with being at ease. Being uncomfortable doesn’t promote productivity.

Light – The more natural light that comes into the study, the better! When the room gets dark in the evenings, a desk lamp is vital.

Fresh Air – Make sure your study allows for plenty of fresh air. Open the windows and keep the room ventilated.

How to prepare your study area

Once our designers have completed your study room or nook, the next part is preparing it for the task at end!

  • Clear the desk. Take away anything you don’t need and that could be a distraction. That book you’ve been reading? Put it in your bedroom.
  • Have a designated space for everyone, and ensure everyone that uses the study knows where everything goes.
  • Have a little extra in your stationery drawer. The last thing you want is to be busy taking notes during a Zoom meeting and have no extra pens to grab.
  • Our designers will recommend which colours to opt for that will stimulate your studies and your focus, while maintaining a calming effect.
  • Add houseplants to improve the quality of the air and assist with concentration. Studies have also shown that houseplants can reduce stress levels.

Visit one of our showrooms to speak to a designer about designing the perfect study for your needs and your lifestyle.

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