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Quick Guide To an Epic Charcuterie Board

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  • Quick Guide To an Epic Charcuterie Board

Whether it’s a spontaneous get-together or a well-thought-out celebration, charcuterie boards are always there to please. Making an epic Instagram-worthy charcuterie board is a lot easier than you think! Our guide will quickly turn you into a charcuterie pro!

Keep It Tight

Choose a board or a slate and ensure you pack it tight and to the brim. Having a board that is full of goodies will entice the guests to ooh and ahh at your (not so) hard work. 

Mix It Up

Ensure you have a mixture of sweet, savoury  and sour flavours. Just like the key to any meal is balance, the same counts for charcuterie boards. Savoury flavours will always be your most dominant, with sweet ingredients like dried fruit and berries following. 

Cut The Cheese

It’s okay, we promise. There’s nothing worse than having whole chunks of hard cheese and guests struggling to cut it. Help your guests and cut your hard cheeses before hosting. 

Big Guys First

Put your biggest ingredients on the board first, and include anything like sauces and jams in jars or bowls. Add your sliced and smaller ingredients around the bigger guys.

Shapes and Colours

Fan out your cut cheeses and use ingredients to divide your different cheese or crackers. Use an ombre of colours and variety. You don’t have to be precise at all, which makes it more fun!

Get Saucy

Adding dollops and small jars with sauces and jams make it fun for your guests to build layers and add flavours they enjoy. 

Turn your meat into tulips

Laying your meat flat is boring. Fold into ribbons or tulips and make a statement that’s also easy to grab.

Add the crunch

Nuts, crackers , and Melba toast add texture and a neutral bite to your flavours, and smaller nuts are great to fill up any gaps on your board. 

Herbal Finish

Adding a few sprigs of rosemary can give your board a fresh punch, and adds to the visual aspects as well. 

Are you keen to give our charcuterie board a go? Tag us in your images if you do!

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